Commit to a trick and believe in yourself, local skater produces some moments for the camera.

Skateparks create a space for skaters of all experience levels to come out, skate, and influence one another (SLO Skatepark). Anyone can show up, but what separates the beginners from the experts is how you spend your time improving.

Local SLO skateboarder Andrew Johnson (Instagram@ajdrewman) skates the park everyday. After skating around and getting to know each other, he spoke about what skateboarding meant to him.

“It’s not easy, but you gotta keep trying. You try a trick over and over again. You get mad, but that one time you land it. You just landed that trick. All that work for that moment. Makes me feel amazing,” Johnson said.

Skateboarding can tell a lot about a person. The more tricks in your bag, the more experienced you become. Johnson spoke about the skater mindset.

“You just have to commit. You must believe in your head that you will land the trick,” Johnson said.

After we shared a few pleasantries, Johnson introduced himself and the rest is history. A new friend who is humble and determined to improve daily. The camera loved him and caught stellar moments people rarely appreciate.

Additionally, the SLO Skatepark will be hosting the Central Coast Monster Skate Park Series competition on Saturday May 18, 2019. It will cost $15 to enter and $5 for the trick contest. The final competition will be held at our local skate park, which means the city needs to be well-represented. Come out and show off your steez.

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